Reviews for "Armed with Courage"


don't know why but it sounds like music that would be in a final level of a megaman game.

Almost trailer-like

I'm not much of a music connoisseur, but of all the tracks I've heard on Newgrounds, this one is my favorite. It doesn't remind me much of Megaman (for I hardly played it), but rather, an action/sci fi movie/game trailer, especially for a game such as Halo. Almost sounds like you have some vocals in there, which give it a nice epic, Gregorian chant. Frankly, I much prefer this over it's redux...

Would listen to again!


almost has a "metroidy" touch to it


That was one heck of a song. Nice distortion, but maybe a bit too much change in melody, for you can't keep humming the song all day long, it's too complex for that.
Not sure if that is a bad thing though... an 8.


a very good song one of the better ones on my favorites list!