Reviews for "Armed with Courage"

I love it

Very good stuff my freind, Megaman Music has so much re-mix potential its crazy. The normal music is great too.

Make something incorperationg gravity beatles stage theme lol.




Seems you love Mega Man and most importantly, the amazing music the series possesses. What songs do you like the most? And what inspired this superb sound?

NemesisTheory responds:

i really dont know, there is so many megaman tracks that i've heard and love so much the list just goes on.

i love the stage select screens in the X games, I love metalman, woodman, spark mandrill, X vs Zero, all of Zero's themes (mainly because he is so cool lol), i love the intro music from megaman X... there is also a lot of music from megaman zero i really liked...

honestly, i really couldn't tell you what ones i liked the most, they all are awesome in their own right :)

inspiration, it has been a while but i think I had this picture in my head of X fighting Vile in an all out battle XD

very well done

I normally give tens but I'm not as impressed with it but It is good though


great song, reminded a bit of the old Battle Isle games