Reviews for "Zelda Heroic Rage ep.2"


keep up the good work

ummmm bad...no other way to say it

umm first of all LINKS HAIR IS FUCKIN BLOND! secong of all the rock music and zelda music doesnt mix why cant ppl get that through thier head and ALSO the blood graphics sucked b@11z and last but not least if link kicked the bomb (or the ball or whatever the hell that was) that way it wouldnt have gone that way! AND IT WAS TOO FRICKIN SHORT!!so there is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth


I find it strange that every monster exploded, but besides that, it was pretty good for someone who (im guessing) is starting out. Anyways its a pretty good flash just develop your artistic skills more and it would be perfect.

Very good.

A few technical things about the Triforce:

1)The mark of the Triforce is always on Link, Zelda, and Ganon's left hands, and
2)The Triforce should be assembled like this:
/\ <------ Wisdom
/\ /\ <------- Courage
^__________ Power


WOW!(For the 30th time)