Reviews for "Zelda Heroic Rage ep.2"


OK... I must admit from what I have seen your hard-work has payed off... Theanimation is smooth, & the drawings, to say they're done with a mouse are damn good...Keep up the good work!

SolidSacketh responds:

Thanks. I have to get used to animating and drawing on a computer still, but hopefully quite a few people like this one.

Am I the only one disappoited in this?

The premise was great, the story was somewhat adiquate, the sound was perfect... but somewhere it lost me. The graphics were pretty bad, the girls look terrible, link looks okay... um, I don't really know what made me not like it.. I guess I just didn't.

By the way, a five is pretty good coming from me, I don't often give much quarter. Sorry, dude.

content i am!

im pleased that you put loads of effort into this! from what i can see - it really did pay off. animation was nice and free flowing and the mouse drawings were also rather impressive. nice work

well good job

Something that first came in my mind was: the preloader is long and the movie is short.Try to fix that and this is a great movie it has a lot of potential. I want to see the next continue the good work while improving .