Reviews for "Zelda Heroic Rage ep.2"

Awesome XD

Blasting the knight in the eye, XD, that's why humor's a 2. That and the explination of the hat =p

The music is downright freakin awesome... I'm a drummer, and man, I love that beat XD And as for KyonaAitoshiima's question... Who knows? She's only in the movie for like 10 seconds anyway. @_@


It's great, but why are Zelda's boobies so big? ^_^;;


this movie was great. i love your style of drawing and i really like the music. was kinda short though

Also good

I think it's clear that you understand how to use motivated cuts in an action sequence to make it look good. The animation itself, as far as the skill, still needs some more detail, but there is plenty of promise here.


Just ok