Reviews for "Zelda Heroic Rage ep.2"

That was good

This was better than the first one. I like the direction where the story is going. Going to watch the rest.


i love your stlye and cant wait to wach the next one!!!


it was ight now am g see part 3 right now but tht fairy look funny

Link got blasted like he was a friggin log!

When Link hit the ground when Gannon Blasted him, He stiff as a log. You have good taste though. It's THe legend of Zelda for pete's sake! IT rocks. Also like the entry music. Just work on your animation, and make the character look life their moving, not like paper puppets moving across the screen.

Same ol' thing

Zelda Heroic Rage ep. 2 brings you back into the action where the first one left off. The same formula is used, is this a good thing?

The graphics are the same thing, and to see no improvement at all makes it every bit more painful to watch. The style is perhaps the only thing holding the series together, with its cool Zelda old-schoolness.

The music is the same, which is awesome... but the sound effects weren't too great. The action was also the same, but it seemed that this movie made it stick out how choppy the motion is - especially when he kicked the bomb.

In the end, some changes should've been made and while the movie is certainly still good, it could've been WAY better.