Reviews for "Zelda Heroic Rage ep.2"

what the fuck

zelda looked like she was a giant turd in this episode it looked as if she was an old hag. but other than that the graphics were pretty good. so yeah


its got a good storyline but the music is the same as the last one

This is pretty good.

This is really good, theres some decent graphics, and great graphics of ganon (the face cuz u cant see the body >_>) And this is for the last guy that reviewed: DUDE!!! He doesnt have to follow the storyline, and wtf? No link like movies? U are not his boss, he can make whatever he wants to make, alright? And, Of course u cant judge people just by a movie they made, this one had better graphics than number 1. Have you seen the rest? Well if not THEN DONT JUDGE PEOPLE RIGHT AWAY. You need to learn some respect and give him some credit with TRYING to follow the storyline, its still good even tho its not DIRECTLY on the storyline. So U get some respect, sheesh. Alright back to topic, great film im gonna see the rest myself, and reply to them. Good luck on further movies. ~Funny Out~


never EVER try gain to make this 1 short movies 2 NOT LINK LIKE MOVIES and 3 FOLLOW THE FUCKING STORYLINE DUDE

Better than the last

Well it looks better and well thats about it. The story is still un-original and there was 1 to many explosions. I mean did the knight really need to blow up. Better than the last keep it up.