Reviews for "Future is Forever"

Oh this is...

This is excellent. I love it. if I ever make an action movie (doubt it) I will use this as its theme, intro, and entire OST. lol

hmm...Future is Forever?/:)

Anyway this fit perfectly in an action movie,in special the starting/intro
keep it up


Definitely reminds me of a major fighting game theme(i.e. GoW or one of those). Has the slower, more emotional bits, then of course the harder, trigger-happy main bit.

Great quality

Nice song, I could see this playing in the credits or intro to something epic like terminator... or Contra: The Movie or somethin bad ass.


What ever your doing. Just dont stop. Keep up the good work. ....What did you use anyways?

Rabbite responds:

This is the power of midi composing combined with another program to make it sound less like...a midi. heh heh.