Reviews for "Future is Forever"


The intro is really great to listen to ifn' ya got headphones on, just putting that out there.
I can just see this as some sort of Contra/Bionic Command style shooter though.
Felt like it slowed down just a bit too much right around 1:10, went on for too long without anything really happening.
The rest of it picks up nicely though, right on ya man.

Rabbite responds:

Oh thankyou! Actually, the reason for that is that it has words to it, try looking for the updated version in my profile to get the idea.

Great! :D

Hey i love this song :D I'm working on a PSP Homebrew for the PSP and i was wondering if i could use this as one of the multiplayer level's background music? This would be great! 10/10 8D

Rabbite responds:

Sure go ahead! be sure to link me when you're done!

Very Techno- Gamish

I like it! =)


nice one but at the begin i started to get a headache lol its maybe a bit to hard though

And forever is the future.

Rock on man.