Reviews for "Future is Forever"

Use a mixer

The 0 from Video Game Fanatic was a little out of line, but he does have a point. You have some great sounds going in this song, there are some clashes in texture however. Using a mixer could solve alot of your problems, bring out a couple instruments and keep some of your instruments on lower volume. I felt that your music started going a bit out of it past 2 minutes. Using a mixer would really help, but great job! Your track sounds awesome especially the last minute.

Rabbite responds:

Thanks man! but really, this song had lyrics intended for it, to hear them, check the updated version on my profile. Thanks again!


Good theme. slow in beginning then it rocked!


Wow.. this blend was amazing! kind of a hard rock fuzed with an action themed techno song. I loved it! I think you've got somethin good here, keep it rollin!!!

This is quite nice!

It's awesome! :D

@Videogamefanatic89: If you don't like it, gtfo.

Why the heck is this the third best track ever?

sounds like crap to me, and i usually like techno! sorry, i sound like an ass, but this really doesn't sound that good. All the sounds collide when there put together. It's like you did all the parts in separate files, then mashed them together without changing volume and while losing quality.