Reviews for "The Unfathomable Cycle of Life"


Holy...fuck...this is just epicness!
Sound slike it would have be off some fighting game as the boss batlle

SO.... DAMN.... COOL!


Epicly Amazing

There aren't many Newgrounds submissions that are on this level of QUALITY. There's this unique quality about this song where as I listened to it for a second and a half...I realized how good this song was going to be. You really didn't let me down as I listened further. This is definitely one hard rockin Metal song. Every part seems impeccably polished.

As I listened to this song I thought to myself.....Bill & Tedds excellent adventures LOL. Not sure if you'd approve of that but that's what first came to my mind...I have no idea why :P As I listened further I was almost forced to envision some sort of racing video game (and I don't even play racing games)...Captain FALCON comes to mind hehe. Ok. This song totally rips my anus and makes it bleed with the power and masculinity in it I had to give a great Review for it!!

This song is DEFINITELY worth a 10...if I could make this a 12 I would. There is no doubt in my mind what I will vote on it (5) and wish this song with over 20k hits a good day! Peace out.


Dude, this is SOOO epic! I want more! Have my babies!


dddduuuudddddddeeeeee this was so fuckn gdd i wrote lyrics to it you wana em send me a msg i'll let you here it im gonna post a vid on youtube