Reviews for "The Unfathomable Cycle of Life"

Holy Shit!

This is freakin awesome! Good job! Iove the guitar!


One of the best songs i'v heard. And no doubts the best metal (rock?) song, it really touched me, and solo was so damn brilliant. Bravo.

Great guitar playing

Clean, fast and accurate! Great arpegios and sweep parts, you're a kick ass guitarist! The epic metal is not really my favourite genre but this is a great quality track with no doubt!
I would like to hear a little more bass and less bassdrums but..that's the epic :D
Keep it up!

really riffed up

This beat is just truly epic in a lot of guitar ways

I enjoy learning it on real guitar



I love the combination you made after the the first minute of the song....but I didn't like too much the beginning...