Reviews for "Mega man x gets Taxed 2"

What Taxes??

Nice use of the COSMO CANYON song.


i like it and the killer instinct part in the beginning altough i dont understand why this movie is about x getting taxed while hes not here


best movie ever. the sound very good u have my 10 and i want to see part 3 so hurry up with that plz and megaman and zero rock

This is by far the best movie ever.

The best sprites ever,the best musics ever,the best story ever makes the best movie ever.U r certainly the best animator and u must make more than another one,u must make a fucking great serie.Try to find more sprites from donkey kong country 1,2 and 3.Its THE game and watch them in an awesome movie makes it better.U r obviously better than Randy Solem indeed!:
Graphiqs=10:Gorgeous backgrounds and sprites.

Sound=10:U found some incredible sounds and music to import them in ur movie.

Interactivity=8:We always had to press a button to makes the caracters talk,so we can such see wtf does the caracters are talking about.We also had to choose wich door did zero had to take.

Style=10:An incredible script never seen on newgrounds means an incredible originality

Violence=9:Some amazing combat scenes with skills from their video games make me remember some good memories(These skills r great)!!

Humor=7:Well,the movie wasnt that funny but...hey...From a story whos not suposed to be...This is enough funny for a 7(The part with the lack of keyframes was funny as well).

Overall=10:This is the greatest movie ever.Ur THE one and all my five are belong to this terrific...wonderful submission.

this is awsome!

As agin very good story, good sprites good sound i cant find anything bad with this! but... i didnt see the ending because of a electrical prob.. but anyway if someone are going to see this take some popcorn and enyoy a good movie!