Reviews for "Mega man x gets Taxed 2"


Allright! It's the first time ever that I see some backgrounds from Demon's Crest (The labyrinth)! I love this game! I also heard Killer Instinct's title screen music! I love these games! I liked the movie's story,too! I love this movie! Please make some more! Since a pyromaniac Elvis asked you,you are gonna make another one,right? Thanks a lot in advance! You rock,so keep up the good work!


this was a nice flash. i like the part where u get to pick the door Zero goes through and somthing werid happens

awsome but...

plz can u not use link or any Zelda sprites? i hate Zelda its gay and shouldnt have any realation with Megaman or Zero. Link and Zelda make me barf

Great movie and all but one things bugging me.

its been what five years wheres part 3 damnit!!!!

sorry needed to say that...... carry on.


this waz awsome cant wait for the next 1