Reviews for "Mega man x gets Taxed 2"

i usually hate these things

what are these called? sprites? i dunno, but most of the time i give them zero's and give a really bad review, but yours was a little different. it wasnt just stealing music and images from old mega man games, there was some style and original stuff (at least i think there was) in it. i hate to say it, but i sort of liked it.

Tee hee hee

Liorana-chan! ^o^ Another submission by you! Yeaahh! Well, this one isn't really new to me since I passed all the last night trying to fix its text ^^ Well, I luv it in fact, and the labyrinth part was sort of original. Great use of sprites and sound! You truly master that part :D


I like these types of movies.
I like the little windows of people when they are talking, but I hate how you used pictures of real people, it takes away from the style and look.
You did a good job either way.
It's very interesting how people use graphics from older games, good work!
The story drons on for a bit. Methinks there is too much story involved.


Snes Char
Good humour
Good story
Good movie