Reviews for "Mega man x gets Taxed 2"


I especially liked the flickering text when zero was trapped in the ice.

lol, pretty good....

You cleared things up quite a bit from your last one, and it was quite a bit longer too....

Though srsly, seeing backgrounds and hearing music from wild arms 2 made me laugh. I though I was the only person whoe even played that xD

I'll explain

How does Zero have a backup saber? = Just about everyone with a sword needs a backup just in case

Why does Zero think X is the bad guy = Zero got slashed in the last one and the naturural responce is to try and kill him

Great movie = Just that.

This is a great series !

The story line and animation is great and i love the way you added all sorts of characters from all sorts of games ! This is a well done movie !

A bit of a glaring flaw

Zero had his saber taken, yet he uses it in combat and in the labyrinth. =/ It's a nice way to make a lot of sense. The least you could do is say he swiped a random saber off someone else... but not even that was done. Other than that it's mediocre. You could try to go back over it and smooth things out.