Reviews for "Mega man x gets Taxed 2"


dude this is a sweet ass movie, makes me wanna see part 3. good job and keep up the work.


I remember watching this like a year ago. Are you almost done with 3? Anyways great job!


That was great, I can't wait for megaman gets taxes 3! (personally I want zero to win)


Subliminal messaging! Haha! That was nice. I spent minutes backing it up, just to make sure. I was like, "Wth.. did those clouds say something?" :P

Anyway, it had a good story. I don't know if the Donkey Kong birds were meant to be humorous, but I took them that way. Didn't quite fit into the style of graphics? Overall though, good movie.

nice work

It is really funny, interresting and soooo cool seeing Zero having a fight ! Please make the next one soon ! I'm watching you