Reviews for "Mega man x gets Taxed 2"

Cool, Demon's Crest Stuff

I can't believe you put grapics from my favorite game: Demon's Crest, of all the odds, for this i'll give it a 5, as for any other games containing demon's crest stuff inside

the inside of the temple and the icy platorm where the ice dude was, that was from the temple in the ice area of Demon's crest. it's where you get the Crest of Power (i still have a copy of the game) and Thanks, you Great Man/Woman

this clip rocks!

This clip rocks! ive seen 1 & 2 so far, and i like this one better, I also like X bein a bad-guy.

Subliminal messages...

I think that i'm the only one who saw the subliminal messages.When a monster explode,look clearly the explosion.U will see vote 5!!!!Muhahaha,i'm not stupid,i saw them.^^
Anyway,i think that your second part is good.I'm waiting for the third.;-)


It was a nice concept. And the sprite work was amazing!!'
I am really looking forward to #3!!
Please make it soon!

good work

I cant wait for the 3rd one.