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Reviews for "Jesbus watching over hank"

you need colours man...

Colours would indeed improve this art a whole lot more.

As it is, its alreay not bad for a sketch. Idea was a pretty good one and i liked the way taht u portrayed it.

the outlines are great although, seeing as its a sketch, they could be better.

What would really take this to its full potential would be a background and colours for the foreground. Its a bit too simple as it is now and u really have something which u could develop here.

Overall, its not a bad job, but if u work on the negatives mentioned, u'll do even better.

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Colour would make this awesome.

Not a bad piece at all - I like the way that this is taken from Madness Combat 9, only from a different angle. Adding some colours and background detail would do such a massive boost to the piece, it's incredible. Face it, Madness just doesn't look good in white, as most of the characters in it are grey or darker.

Some shading in place of the absence of colour would have helped, especially on Hank and with Jebus' beard and shades. I personally think that when those details are added, you'd be onto a winner, but the colour would be the best possible option. If you're drawing by hand and scanning, head down to a local craft supplies and get yourself some coloured pencils - it would make such a difference, especially if you sketch lightly with pencil, colour over the top and then ink in the outlines afterwards. Have a go and see what you think.

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Needs some colours

The sketch is very good. The characters are drawn in quite a good way. Especially Hank looks very good here.

Again, there are some colours missing, they would give the picture more details and would it also make more appealing to the eye.

The gun Jesus is holding needs some more work, though. It looks very bland right now and the propotions doesn't seem to fit too well.
Some more details, like some scratches or a brand name would definitely look better.

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Good for a sketch

Not bad; it took me a little long to notice what the picture really is, but it's fine.

The drawings themselves are excellent, and practically look exactly like the characters in madness. Although the blood looks like piles of dung, as wintershrapnel said, it was still cool :P. It's only the gun which looked a little strange to me, as it's not perfectly round, and looks more like an origami gun.

What I'd wish for is some colour, since as the sketch is now, it looks really awesome. Shading here was great though, especially the shading on Hank's clothes, and on the pile of du-sorry, blood XP.

TBH, I never really enjoy sketches like these, but the work you put into it is evident, and since you make such great sketches like these, I really don't see why you don't try and add colour. Then it'd be awesome :D :D.

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When I see this I see some bad, but mostly good things all around. It's hard to catch the right angle on the computer screen as most angles the lines were too late for me to really so the picture, but as soon as I found the right angle the lines were dark enough to see the picture clearly.

The drawing of Hank is very good. The drawing of Jesus is also pretty good, but I though Hanks was a bit better. I also rather enjoyed the blood and thought that was one of the better parts of the picture.

The gun isn't drawn very good and needs to be done better. It looks very odd and shaped weird towards the end of the gun. I also think that the introduction of a background would help a lot. More than a background though I think that drawing the ground would be very nice.

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