Reviews for "[Dj-U] Happiness Remix"


I used your song for the credits of a short I made. I'll send you the Youtube link if you message me.


This song is awesome...sounds kinda techno and a bit of rock...outstanding.


The beginning brought me in, sounded like good music. At around 33 the music gave me sudden flashbacks to a trip to a waterfall with my Dad. Its been a long while since a song has given me a special feeling, and this one did it. Excellent, good job.

Something I can dance to :)

I like it, because it's soft but yet danceable. I can see a single person danceing or even a couple dancing. If it's not fit for a game or anything like that, it's definately a Club type beat. Keep up the good work :)


just wow!!!!!

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

=D Glad you liked it =] =]