Reviews for "[Dj-U] Happiness Remix"

Quite fast and high paced.

It was pretty good and pretty fast, as well as it was a decent length.

Some parts were a little bit choppy though, I recommend you work on that. Also those "Aha ah ah" sounds at the very end annoyed me, I request you don't use those anymore in your audio, sorry. Those are the only things that kept this from being a 10.

9/10 overall, excellent job!!
~ smc316

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

haha thanks a lot for the review. Really your dont like the 'ah ahs?' haha i thought they were pretty neat, but they could've used a bit of tweaking. but i doubt i will ever use those again, that was sort of an experiment.

Thanks again for the review


The beginning brought me in, sounded like good music. At around 33 the music gave me sudden flashbacks to a trip to a waterfall with my Dad. Its been a long while since a song has given me a special feeling, and this one did it. Excellent, good job.

Great job...

This is a very good song, but the bass seems to be lagging...

Check out Onision.com to hear on-the-ball-bass --- thanks for uploading.


This song is awesome...sounds kinda techno and a bit of rock...outstanding.

Nice work!

Nice work man,just imagine if you're high and your hearing this song man you'll go wild lol!!!!!