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Reviews for "pioneer10"


I loved it, you've obviously put allot of work into this animation and I look forward to more adventures of Al.

One other comment though, the very last frame. I can't see the web address.

Man people are dumb!

I completely agree with you Hack, the story had perfect meaning, and to not understand it just means you have substandard thinking. The world is portrayed beautifully in its bad nature. Earth always is looking for its neighbors out there, but we all know mass panic will occur if anything was ever found, assuming nothing is found as to this date. It reminds me of another flash by marco, loro ci guardano. marco definatly has an great understanding of this planet.

No Words Can Describe Your Work

I have just finished watching all your submissions. They are all amazing, and I enjoy them because I know how much thought must have been put into them. Unfortunatly it seems a lot of people don't like this type of flash, mostly because there are a lot of people out there who (as Mattman723 put it) have substandard thinking. This flash really made me think a lot, and regretably our species doesnt seem do that as much as we should. You are truly an artist

I really enjoy your works...

You, my friend are a genuine mastermind. Your storytelling technique is amazing, I could string every bit of that together with hardly any dailouge, your visual style is unmatched. You have a bright future.


if ever there were a better example of what can be done with flash, i have not seen it! EXCELLENT