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Reviews for "pioneer10"


These are some of the best computer animation graphics I have ever seen in flash! I feel bad for Al, but he definitely got a chance to see us humans firsthand. Couple points. I would reccomend a loading screen, as well as a replay button at the end. Also, check your grammar. Some stuff was written poorly. Besides that, this was freakin incredible and I want more, more, more of that amazing 3d flash animation!!


The graphics fit well with the topic, the 3d was nice, but not overdone, and the story made perfect sense and is likely to happen if aliens do visit Earth!

I thought although you kept the file size down, the super quick movements could have been toned down some. Other than that, it's satisfying. You've quickly established a universe, now you can populate it in your next movie!

that is the best thing in the world

that has to be the absolute best animation I have ever seen on newgrounds. You did a real good job and it didnt even take long to load.

Very, very good

The best thing about that was the graphics and animation, which were absolutely fantastic. It was a funny story too though. I gave it a well-deserved five.

haha that was awesome

excellent, really great job, better than paper sky too:D amazing job man:)
keep it up!!