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Reviews for "pioneer10"

Previous reviewers hear this

This peice is a brilliant comment on the state of the world. Those that don't understand the meaning are looking for a blatant slap in the face.
Most of these reviews saying "It didn't have a plot" or "there was no story" just aren't getting it. You are a product of the TV generation, your minds are numb to sublety. This is beautifully done and speaks VOLUMES in it's message. Earth is NOT a fun place to visit for an alien.
EARTH would NOT be a good place to visit.
Sorry if anyone is offended, but THINK.
LIVE with what we've been given here. Then maybe our future won't be as doomed as this peice says it is.

molto carino

soprattutto quando mette l'antifurto all'ufetto

bad, boring, empty

Eh? This movie had nothing in it!! The story was nothing. Most people are just impressed by the fancy graphics but I'd like some content with my flash please. This was almost as pointless as the stick death movies. Far less animation than them though. If you replace the robots by sticks then no one would like this movie. But no...because you had "fancy robots" you get to be cool and have a good score. Next time, comment on your movie. There's no reason not to write something about it.


very beautiful 3d animation but i think the reason this hasn't scored better is because conceptualy its a bit confusing. you didn't really tie all the pieces together and some of it was too vague. the paper at the end im assuming came from the ship earth sent off at the start, but it wasn't entirely clear. i liked the idea, you just needed to work on scripting this out a bit more.

still, well done and definitely worth a watch. nice job.


This movie was EXCELLENT! Although... heh... Most of it was obviously not done in Flash, you did present it in .swf format, and your story was great, funny, simple etc. and you animation in whatever 3D modelling program (Poser? Worldbuilder? Bryce?) was totally amazing - this one has got to make it frontpage!