Reviews for "Stickee Movie 3"

So touching....snifff.....;)

Should we wait 10 years to see Stickee Movie 4?

Really Fine Work ;)

NoSens Bless You!!!

Nice movie

a couple of touch ups could make this a front page entry


I really enjoyed this. It was damn funny! I dont really like sticks, but this was great!

Congradulations cBAdvanced_123456789!

Great work cBAdvanced_123456789, This is the best stick figure flash movie I have seen since the Xiao Xiao series, I represent the internet fun section from "The Times" newspaper, New York, So keep an eye out for any feature articles ;).
-Kappa (Lawrence Chan)

good shit

the fight scenes were good, so was the music. but the art was painfully simple. the whole stick figure thing is overdone. the lord of the rings reference made it funny.