Reviews for "99K"


I love the style, with the backround and the not-quite sticks and such. The animation was very solid, i loved the was the dragons legs looked when they walked, and the fire had a great look to it. The overpopulation issue was thought provoking as well.

Final verdict: Good friggin animation!!


Wow, that's really good for a 99k file! It was kinda interesting too, and some humor. Keep it up!

Very entertaining

this was a simple, no plot project but very entertaining and the preloader game became quite addictive. I was trying to beat your score but just couldnt quite get it. anyways a great flash that i'll watch again im sure.


i love it when so much is said through the smallest movements in basic looking characters like the ones in this. this was really great.


Dang you made a cool movie and it didn't take so long to load(either way i have cable lol) well its nice and i gave it 10 for everything because you made it soo short with little kbs that it should deserve that. Well keep it up. Made another one :).