Reviews for "99K"

what the hell

ok file size was good but now we all know why there are very few movies under 100k (no offense) but a good try!

OK Fits

this is ok it fits the name it eraned 99k of fucking bullshit never again dude i herd disney was asking for an opening why not get BLOODY dude
and ACTOIN And some LANGUAGE Godd damm give me a break!

only things ill say are this

to be honost and as nice as possible at the same time, i didnt like it. wasnt funny or nothin. and i also didnt get the whole..2 people equals earth dissapearing...that made no sense. anyway you did a good job i guess it just sucked cause it wasnt funny or no action or nothin. it was too dull.


Ok, this is was a very good movie, and all squeezed into 99kbs was very awesome, but I can't understand why this movie is on the top 50 list? it aint that good...

what the hell

I tried today, yesturday and the day before to get the vid to load, its only 99 k, and the friggin thing just won't load, so until I get to see it I'm givin it a 0