Reviews for "99K"

under 100k man now thats compression

and still sounds and looks good....nice work man not to many people can do that...mine is just barely done and im up to 2mb give or take a kb 0_o man is it hard to do it. u are a flash guru.


Never have i seen anything like this..What a fantastic piece of work,,Hope you plan on making more..

Nice Job

Good job on this, it's very original. I like how your characters are simple and funny, and still look good. Keep up the good work.
BTW, the sounds were alright, and this was the best flash under 100k I've seen =D


I love this little style you've developed!!

gel responds:

I also wanted to prove I can make a small movie without just stick figures. And you can too! *ding*

Very good ...

Keep up the good work. And don't worry about the sound quality, its not a very important aspect of any flash anyway. Just concentrate more on your animation and presentation.