Reviews for "Confessions - by hania"

who are u??

i want to meet u befor 99% of any famous person


never a bad one


As Rhaien said... It feels like a dream, but... for some reason I this song kinda gives me the creeps. Its your voice, the song, the melody... Kinda scares me.
But still its awesome. 5/5 10/10


Man, everytime i listen to one of your songs, i get a feeling, which changes from song to song. I know theres thousands of people saying you'll go far, but i think every one of us means it. Don't waste your voice.


this song like all songs make me think about my whole life. this song makes me sad but also relaxes and calms me, makes me happy, your voice is so perect, your piano so flawless and flowing I feel I could swim in the music, and just float in every note and word, then sink into it all letting your art consume me entirely.