Reviews for "Confessions - by hania"


you can talk!? Not bad. not my style but i can appreciate this.



I love it, you have an amazing voice also. Every song i have heard from you so far is worth 10 stars, heck maybe 30. Keep up the awesome work. : )


I'm doing a backstroke down a canyon river in Costa Rica. Another great piece.

Have you considered looking for a record deal?

hania responds:

Sure have :) I am wanting to find a label that won't take 80% of the rights and change the music into "I wanna shake my booty yeahyeah baaaby..." That would kill me.
So ... still on the hunt ;)
Thanks for the review and support!!

I like it.

It has a dark-ish sound to it. I can't understand the lyrics very well, but it has an awesome melody.


I like the song. Its almost haunting, but in a good way if that makes any sense. Can u post the lyrics?