Reviews for "Prank Files 1"

not bad

eh.. could of been beter


Not bad because i can tell your new to flash.

But i could already see what was coming. and it was pretty weak. but. Nice for a first entry, anyway..

Slow paced and lead to nothing....

I waited for it to load, read through the text which took ages to move along then came the "punchline" and it was just plain weak. Oh and the music annoyed the hell out of me.

However on the positives I loved the "morphing" effect. That was pretty cool, which is why I gave you a 6 for style.

It just moved to slow, ending was good

Ok, I loved the surprise at the end, that was the only reason why this wouldn't get zero votes.
aside from the humor at the end... it was SLOW.
Text, wait, tween, text, slowly tweening, bad animation to a good idea.
All in all, it is rough. The good news is it's good enough for NG (and better than many) and you will improve with practice!!!

It was good until....

It was good, until the shoot your parents in the head thing. But the end line was funny, so you get props.