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Reviews for "The Doctor"

ahhhh... reminds me of me mum.

jk, ok, serious review. Artwork good, Charecter story needs a little work. Ill start with the art.

Good 3D effect but you lose it around the upper legs, shade more on the left to fix it. I like the hair and the ocular lense but i like the way the straps press the hair in as well. perhaps something that you can replicate with the upper strap on her arm to add a little more feeling of it being strapped on and not velcoed? other than that, good good. Great even. Story time.

Good up to the part where her dad tries to kill her. Not the fact that im saying its wrong, its just that I assumed (and probably not the only one) that her dad would use the same knife to kill himself as he did when he tried to kill her, made me go back and re-read the part about her dad killing himself. Also, after that, says that when she could move again. Why wasnt she able to move? Was she sedated to keep her from exaserbating her injuries? Did emotional trauma build up enough to manifest itself in physical form? Perhaps would be better if she began studdying while still recovering from her injuries and in the process took longer to heal due to the fact that she couldnt just rest? Other than thouse two things, pretty good char back story. Good trauma builds charecter and leads to either being a hero determined never to let it happen to anyone else, or a villan who was scarred and never recovered. Symbolism time.

Not bad, but i dont really think that the whole, lack of bathing and coat is symbolism, rather charecter choice.

Anyway, your total star rating is based off of the charecter as a whole. Below i will rate each section individualy

Art - 9.5
Backstory - 8
Symbolism - 6


This is simply amazing! I love your interpretation of Frankenstein. I love the back story, everything on this is amazing. The only thing that can make this better is if you made her creation, showing how different it would be from her perspective.

arvalis responds:

i did, its the pic i did right before this one


I think that she looks like my doctor O,.o

Hehe, nice art, really loved it. The arm stuff on fingers is made nicely o.o although it scares me q.q


She just looks a little more...evilish than her background story (wich I loved) implies, but other than that is an incredible art, one of the finest in newgrounds, and so a great character.
She looks like something that would try to kill me in Bioshock 1 or 2 while laughing out loud o_o

Fantastic Art...

Very well done. Lots of attention to detail. Well done coloring. It seems the artist strives for a mood with everything done here and I'd say it's a success.

The story annoyed me. Frankenstein is one of my all time favorite books. Not only the first science fiction book but gothic in the extreme. It is a story that paints a bleak landscape. Hopelessness embodied in literary form. Possibly the darkest thing I've ever read. An absolute genius work of art. Not that many people even know what Frankenstein is about since not many people read the book. When most people think of Frankenstein they think of the movies or some crap, which are not only stupid but have nothing to do with the book.

So, yes, I take offense to any rewriting of such a masterpiece. Your interpretation could not be more different than the story of the book. The only thing that it has in common is that the main character starts out young and is a genius and becomes obsessed with science and reanimation.
Also the story just sounds kind of angsty. It's not mature or dark or scary.

Great art, though.