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Reviews for "The Doctor"

First thoughts

When I saw the thumbnail for this I honestly thought it was going to be a human form of 'Midna' from the Zelda: Twilight princess game.

....Totally useless review, but none the less I felt it should be said...

Wouldn't want her to be my doctor...

Awesome backstory to a fine piece of work. tell me, is it oil on canvas?

Succesful once again.

First, the creation and now, the creator!
You had a lot of great ideas for this character, but you did something even better, you've managed to render them visually in the design. Every feature has its reason to be like that. Although I dig scarred girls, my favourite part is the dress. It's really easy to overlook it, but once you notice the flower pattern, you can't forget about it! And you realize then this character must have something else than being dark and gritty to it... She has a personality, with nuances.

Your reinterpretation of the Frankenstein lore is really exciting to look at. Congratulations, man.


nice art...

awesome man

Man: Is there a Doctor in the house?!

Dr. Frankenstein: I'm a doctor!

Man: .... Is there another doctor in the house?!

haha your works awesome.