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Reviews for "The Doctor"


I like the fact that she is a little chubby. She looks as though she has some insanity running around in her head, but who could blame her? I get the impression that her strange behavior, (little sleep. not bathing) is balanced out with great intelligence. You have definitely made a character. You make me want to know more about her.

arvalis responds:

She is actually pretty thin, she just has a big utility belt around her natural waist.

Too fat for my liking

Make her a little thinner with bigger breasts and she'd be perfect!

arvalis responds:

She has a good deal of clothing on. Also, what you want is how everyone else would handle her. Not everyone needs big tits asshole.


Truly stunning artwork. The coloring and the very style of your art is incredible. The concept behind her is truly awesome too. I love how much you've played with the good ol' doctor. Love this piece and love the idea and the work. Incredible to say the least. ^^

pretty damn skippy

with out a doubt in my mind one of the best and unique interpretation of frankenstein that has ever graced the art world.the fact that you added a back story to the already impressive artwork shows your skill as an artist not just in the visual world but also in the world of literature.although the backstory seems to be more of a list as you read into it. nonetheless its great


i want that surgical glove whatsit