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Reviews for "Manhunter"


It looks like an chasing music, it would be great on an fps... Keep up the good work!

TheRealSam responds:

Don't worry, more to come! Thanks a lot :)


This would be a perfect tune for a battle in a fighting game, like something in mortal kombat. This is going in my favourites for sure! I absolutely loved the beginning! (that was the bass right?) Great job!

TheRealSam responds:

Nah, not the bass, just one clean guitar with a slight distortion and reverb :)
Thanks a lot for the review man, I hope, as you said, someone will use this song in a MK animation cuz I just love that game XD


I like the way the heavy riff kicked in, it's really awesome, the guitar tuning sounds a bit like Metallica. Loving it!

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks a lot man! :)
Yeah, Metallica rocks!!!! \m/>_<\m/

Thank you

Yeah this song is good I really like the fast pace stuff. You should try mixing some metal with some techno that kind of music usually turns out awsome.

TheRealSam responds:

Lol, a metal/techno song? Yeah that could be great!! :D
Thanks for your review ^^

Total beast mode

This is a beast ass song dude, much props. The breakdown was completely bad ass, but the triplet at the end seemed just thrown in there to me. Overall though this is an amazing song and would be over the top if some lyrics were put to it.

TheRealSam responds:

Well you just forgot one thing, this is an oooold song XD
So I don't think I'll record it again one day with lyrics :S
And you're right about the triplets, lol I totaly forgot I put some in this song XD
Anyway, thanks a lot to you dude!