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Reviews for "Manhunter"

Alright I love heavy metal!

Good job heavy metal rocks!

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks a lot!
Yeah Heavy Metal 4ever \m/

Wow good stuff!

I read the comment before me and it was interesting because due to the song having no lyrics or vocals i started doing that in the shower singing some people do
such as myself
But i saved it and im actually gonna write out some lyrics and sing them over the tune and send it back to you!
i got nothing else to do!
Im a metal vocalist as well
so what the hell!

TheRealSam responds:

That would be awesome man!
I await your stuff! :)


You always make songs that amaze and inspire me. These songs are always ones that sound just like the way I like them to sound. Nice work man. A very good heavy metal song.

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks a lot! :)
I'm very glad you like my songs that much! Don't worry, I'll make more!

good but

dude its awsome but that doesnt sound much like the manhunt music. you should do a remake but speed it up a little. Still PURE F*ING AWSOME

TheRealSam responds:

Nah it realy ain't like the Manhunt music, it was made for a little community we (the french manhunt players) created, like a small "hymn" XD
Anyway, thanks a lot to you! :)


This even topped Through Space and Time I think...

TheRealSam responds:

^^ Thanks! I'm running out of things to answer to you too man! XD