Reviews for "~Burden~"

Wow! That's Beautiful!

For a minute I was speechless...your voice just totally captivates my imagination. 5/5 and 10/10 stars...absolutely beautiful. We ought collab sometime... Me on the piano and backing vocals, you on the main vocals...GREAT JOB!!!


Truly amazing piece of music. The feeling and the emotion are captured right from the beginning!! Great Job! :)


I'm totally shocked..
Bloody well done!
If you make more songs like these, I will continue to listen..
10\10 5\5

On a scale from 1-20 I would say 100 :D

he he love it!

me no expert but as (i like to brag about this) a japanese mum and a bit polish bit danish bit german and bit lithuanian dad- Barudzo dobze is very good. Dobry is just good.Congrats! you are probably the only the only person that read this to the end .
lovin the great song though.

hania responds:

Awesome! I'm Australian (born here), but both parents are of the Polish breed :) Like the French language, I think the Polish language has words for both male and female types - the female word for good is Dobra. Dobry is the male version :)
(and "very" is spelt "Bardzo") ;)

Thanks for the review!! I'm glad you like the music :)
Take care!


Nice lament for whats been going on in my life lately. So good I got goosebumps listening...