Reviews for "~Burden~"

You could make a living with that voice and talent

My attempt at picking up the lyrics by ear:

Softly stirring silence
Somewhere something hurting deeply
in despair unknown
there he lays
a burden to himself

A mountain or regret, inside
Softly stirring silence
somehow someone suicidal
thoughts of no return
there he stands a burden to himself

A tower of regret, inside
So their waiting for a sign
hoping that their fears subside
slowly standing forward so
all they do is just let go

Softly falling silence
nothing to hold on to quickly
try to turn around
silhouettes of life
they reach the ground
safe and sound.




I think the summary said all.


I heard your song in the last flash, and I didn't think I would come back here by doing a search on google, I actually thought you were a real singer, really :p
I'm not sure it's actually "goth style", it's just a beautiful voice on a very nice played piano song. May I say the genre is classical?

by the way, where can I find the lyrics?


This is truely a piece of art.
And not even the cheap stuff...
This is worth sometihng :)
Wow. Amazing. <3 :D