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Reviews for "~Burden~"

burden 10 star

I really love this womans voice.It's real magical

Amazing, but

This is awesome!
Other ppl below me mentioned the singer of Evanescence well IMO, u are too hard on the "C" like in the word "Silence" and i dunno if there's something wrong with me but it kinda sounds like ur nose is full, like u cought a cold or something

Altough u get a 10/10 and a 5/5 cuz it sounds awesome and not many ppl are brave enough to put their own voices into their artworks

I just noticed that around the end is a noise like...-song off- and then TAP...

0.o well

i cant beliave i havent reviewd this song. this is my first song I have heard of yours n this is definately the peice that made me a fan what i would of said before is its too beautiful to keep the tears from falling to keep inside would also be horribly selfish so you make this a lose lose situation for a male audience. just want you to know you are beyond amazing that words escape me n leave me crippled to the point i cannot chase after them. just beautiful master peice.

Most Beautiful

Almost brings tears into my eyes plz continue work like this you are magnificant!!


i love your work. and you never cease to amaze me! she doesn't quite sound like Amy Lee from Evanascence. her voice is softer and smoother and it sounds like she never runs out of breath which is amazing i might add.