Reviews for "~Burden~"

Most Beautiful

Almost brings tears into my eyes plz continue work like this you are magnificant!!


i love your work. and you never cease to amaze me! she doesn't quite sound like Amy Lee from Evanascence. her voice is softer and smoother and it sounds like she never runs out of breath which is amazing i might add.

no she doesnt

Hania's voice isnt as heavy as Evanescence. Hania's voice is much more smoother and not as heavy. It's much more clean. She also does have a very beautiful voice and I really do hope she can make it as a pro singer out there some day and if not more. I gave it a 10 not only cause of the voice but the song talks about some of the stuff I deal with in my life. Kinda made me cray inside. Is there a site I can get the lyrics for this? I want to put this on my facebook along with the song


this song just hits a spot right in my soul it's remarkable

Oh wow...

I really agree with TropicalPenguin...you have a really beautiful voice and you really do sound like Evanescence....


Love the piano :D