Reviews for "~Burden~"


piano, vocals. Sad.

Yeah, you stopped trying to make us think you cared about what we think of you as a person here, and just want un to concenrate on how luling your voice is.
Really, is that the kind of...


In my opinion, it is :P And It's not quite gothic. It's more emotional if you ask me.

burden 10 star

I really love this womans voice.It's real magical

Amazing, but

This is awesome!
Other ppl below me mentioned the singer of Evanescence well IMO, u are too hard on the "C" like in the word "Silence" and i dunno if there's something wrong with me but it kinda sounds like ur nose is full, like u cought a cold or something

Altough u get a 10/10 and a 5/5 cuz it sounds awesome and not many ppl are brave enough to put their own voices into their artworks

I just noticed that around the end is a noise like...-song off- and then TAP...

0.o well

i cant beliave i havent reviewd this song. this is my first song I have heard of yours n this is definately the peice that made me a fan what i would of said before is its too beautiful to keep the tears from falling to keep inside would also be horribly selfish so you make this a lose lose situation for a male audience. just want you to know you are beyond amazing that words escape me n leave me crippled to the point i cannot chase after them. just beautiful master peice.