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Reviews for "~Burden~"


I'll beat the shit out of anyone who hurts you...
your voice is awesome

Burdening my Mind

I feel as if there is a hidden inspiration behind this piece. I have sat here some forty minutes, straining to pick out the individual notes, dividing the lyrics into words and patterns of speech, struggling to hear miniscule marks in both your wonderful vocalization and in the haunting piano keys. Music strikes me down deep, and some pieces truly bring things to mind. For me, it reflects a more personal idea, one I shall neglect to state.

I cannot fathom what sort of story might be behind some music (Lady Gaga, I'm looking at you...), but I believe I have an opinion.

"...In despair, unknown... There he lays, a burden to himself..."
I will not forget this song soon. The damage has been done. I am again altered...

amazing voice

really beautifal voice excellent job

i actually agree with lordsthief

great song, but i listened to this twice and thought about the change to the lyrics, and it is justified, i feel it would make just just a bit better.
great song, lots of emotion, really reminds me of the legend of jason vorhease.

you also have a very powerful voice.
use it well.

i love it

it made me feel about my animals that died