Reviews for "~Burden~"

i actually agree with lordsthief

great song, but i listened to this twice and thought about the change to the lyrics, and it is justified, i feel it would make just just a bit better.
great song, lots of emotion, really reminds me of the legend of jason vorhease.

you also have a very powerful voice.
use it well.

i love it

it made me feel about my animals that died

very good....

but I would recomend re-recording with a slight change to the lyrics:

-"thoughts of no return
there he stands, a burden to his self"

-"thoughts of no return
There he stands, a burden to his own"

I think it would keep the tone, pace and rhythm slightly better.

I saw this when i was 9?

Man i found this music so amazing so many years ago and i still love it. It certainly is
depressing but i still love it 10/10 easy. I love all of your work but this is the only one i listened to when i was young. wow your voice is nice.

i saw this when i was 8!!

i can belive i found it and it was you who sung it!!!