Reviews for "Dryll"

good job

Good job with this one here man, really enjoyed listening to it. Though I really liked how fast-paced this one was, though it wasnt to fast so I couldnt hear or enjoy the melody, it was fast but not to fast, good job with that. I also liked how gritty and industrial this one sounded, really made teh whole song sound dirty almost, but yet good as to where it positively affected the melody, good job with that. The melody here was good as well, very catchy and fast-paced, good job. Excellent work here man, 5/5 from me, keep up the good work! :)


I was actually starting up Madness Accelerant for a while just to listen to this song..... then i found a BETTRAR WAI!

Nice !

this song is great!

Nice job

Really enjoyed the song.
I fucking love this branch off of techno


Cool! most DnB songs in NG SUCKS as their bass are too high but you and some others in the best tracked ever rock! 5/5!
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