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Reviews for "space pizza"


love this! The melody and synth around 0:43 reminds me of Rammstein's Du Hast, and then the rest of the track I was waiting for a German vocal melody :') Looking forward to the next weekly beat!

GrizzlyCogs responds:

haha ! totally not wanted, i don't listen to Rammstein a lot, but i guess it's cool if this made you think of them :)
Thanks anyway ! Super glad you liked it :)

Funky! I do really love the bassline. The crash cymbal is a bit loud. The drums are damn cool. The detuned chords are sick too. My god this melody, awesome. Everything is gold. I'd say your song needs a sub bass cause it's pretty empty in this frequency range.
Good work dude, keep it up!

~ Ahurac

P.S.: The last drop sounds trancy, I like that!

GrizzlyCogs responds:

wow ! thanks for the review, it helps a lot ! and thank you for the kind words !