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Reviews for "Thickets"


This piece has inspired the background and main character to a story I'm writing up. Thank you. I've been stumped on what to add as my background and what the character should like. But this, this is the thousands of words I've been searching for all on one page. The ginger hair, the saddened look, even the clothing of long tattered cloak and tall boots are perfect for what I'm looking for. Also the tangled woods with crows sets up the old English theme I was searching for. This story's gonna go great now. Maybe you'll catch on the Writing Forum some time, eh?

Araelyn responds:

That's so awesome! I'm glad I inspired you! I'd love to read what you're cooking up. You should link me when you have the time! :)

hoooo jeez

This is really cool. As I've said, it's also awesome to see that you're always improving.
And frontpage, awesome, grats!

Araelyn responds:



Beautiful everything

Araelyn responds:

Thank you very much :D


You never fail to be AWESOME Aleesha. Congratz for the FP.

Keep the awesomenesss up!

Araelyn responds:

Thank youuu! I'll try and keep my awesomeness in check. :3


Its very rare here and everyone freaked out when they saw it...

Araelyn responds:

In a good way I hope.
Thank you. :)