Reviews for "Mariotrix Two"

This sucks... a lot

You should have stopped at episode 1.

constructive critisism

Im not one of those people who blams work becuase i dont like it but i got some problems.
On newgrounds the two most sickeningly overloaded flash programs are mario movies and matrix rip-offs. (but Xiao Xiao is still the coolest thing ever) You managed to take both of them and cram them together into one over-played, boring, clishe' piece of work. good job, but in my nind it sucked. You did a good job, but it could've been better if you chose a different topic


seriously, the more mario/matrix spoofs I see, the less I'm impressed. The jokes don't get much better and other than that it's just characters beating up on tons of luigis and doing flips and shit. Be more original, and why is luigi always the agent? I would've figured the koopa troopers would be. oh well, whatever.

Wait a minute!

Are you using a mod?

This is badass

OMG, the bullet-time fireballs r seriously badass. 1337!