Reviews for "Mariotrix Two"

Good Job!

Im pretty dumb, but wut scene was the Toad thing from in the Matrix?

Better then first but...

Still lacking in some areas. Make more fightingscenes if you mke a 4th one. Also I got kinda sick of reading so voices would of spruced up the movie some. I liked it though. Time for the third. . .

Ok yah so I think I'm getting this now....

....Ok um I saw little matrixy goombas and stuff

Oh and Princess definitely should have just let all of the Luigis run through the stick, massive blood and "ahhhhhh" noises....yum

Nice work can't wait for part three!

hey this was really cool, i liked the effect at the end and the musik
keep up the good work!


I twas ok i guess