Reviews for "Silent Hill 1 Soundtrack"


Yeah, I'm a fan of Silent Hill (even though I haven't played it in forever.) Really cool, to make a flash out of a soundtrack. The grainy film animation in the background also augments the feel of the music. Good job.


i'm a huge fan of silent hill, and i certainly did appreciate this. now if only i could afford the third one.

good job

pretty cool. most music submited to ng isnt that good. well atleast the way it is done isnt that good. but this one was good. great job!!

My 2 round coppers

Usually, what we find on this site are poorly designed sound/music boards. This one is different; you spent time on it, which is something that I, a viewer, can appreciate. I find it to be one of the better designed soundboards, and it serves its purpose well.

In terms of improvement, may I suggest a slider bar that allows the user to jump to particular bits of a song? That would be very helpful ^_^.


I like your old style background style the most. Then comes the format of types. Thats quite interesting. I haven't played this game, but I have 1 song from it and these soundtracks are quite reminense of its title. A deep type of terror. Well, good job. I enjoyed this.

ElementsClock responds:

Thank you very much.