Reviews for "Silent Hill 1 Soundtrack"


How the hell did this get back on the portal?

It already got trough a long while ago...

I love Silent Hill......

The whole series really creeped me out... I hate those fucking Nurses!! They really, REALLY wanted to make me put down the control, stop playing and just wait for the my general creeped-out level to go down ;) I love all the music from the games, though I think Silent Hill 2 was the only one really publicly distributed. Am I wrong? Anyway, even though I have all the tunes in this collection anyway, I think it's really great your exposing Newground's viewers to this stuff. You got a 5!


i love theas games, probably the best game sires i have ever played. character driven all the way, i mean the plots are so rich i'm almost disapointed that they whert movies insted. this is by fa my favoite of the two games i have played and the beter sound track out of the three.
i would have given you a ten if the sound was of beter quality.

Very nicely done.

This is actually pretty well done.
The sound track is very nice, graphics are smooth. (altho this doesn't matter because I think most people would just minimize it and listen to the music)
But all in all, very nice.

A very nice soundboard.

Soundboards with VG Music can be great if done right. Music plays when I press the button, and very good graphics, no cut and paste sprites.
No delays or computer freezing like with other soundtrack boards. Keep it up! I like.
I got Silent Hills 1 and 2. I'll get 3 as soon as I get some money.