Reviews for "Silent Hill 1 Soundtrack"


No effort was used in the making of this. I am ashamed it passed judgement.

I hope there was more songs...

Well, I am a hardcore Silent Hill 1 fan, and I sorry to say I didn't like your work that much. Why you put all those boring industrial sounds and not "Esperandote", or the wonderful "Not Tomorrow"? I give you some score because of the SH Main Theme because it's a masterpiece, but them again I would love to hear the piano version of it too.

killer due just killer

dude i luv those games Silent hil 1-4 ive beat all but number 4 because my friend fucked up my disk..... but dude that was just killer.

Appreciated and Loved.

I'm an avid fan of the series, although I only completed the first two. Courtesy of FAQs, I understand SH3 and what happened, but still want to experience it firsthand.

love the games

not completely sure why you brought this to the portal though.