Reviews for "Silent Hill 1 Soundtrack"


well it's a soundtrack so that is the main reason it's getting this score but probably was not a good idea seeing how most the songs are just wind or silence

Not much effort.

I'll give it a 5, don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Silent Hill music, I mean seriously, I listen to that all the time.
But it didn't really take much effort, just imported some songs into flash and scripted some buttons.
So I gave you a two, for effort, and a 3 for the fact that you got some of my favorite songs being in there, my favorite being the main theme.

neat :D

just neat :D


I am a huge fan of Silent Hill, and the music Akira Yamaoka creates for it. I' am extremely fimiliar with most of the Silent Hill music, and its good to see someone else is too. I would say that my favorite Silent Hill track off the first game would be 'Claw Finger'. Great work, Maybe you will do another when Silent Hill 5 is released. Until then, Excellent work, I'm looking forward to more.


Never been much for the 'clock' folk, but you are now my most favoritist human being alive @.@